About trainSharp by Jon Sharples


trainSharp was founded in 2003 to provide bespoke cycle coaching based on riders’ individual goals and aspirations. Unlike many coaches, trainSharp is not a one-man band. It is based on having a team of credible and trusted experts, working together to help you reach your goals.

We understand that your needs and goals are unique to you. Your goals become our goals. We do not just cut-and-paste one-size fits all ‘cookie-cutter’ training plans.

We support, encourage, motivate, and inspire you on your journey. We remove the guesswork out of your training, ensuring you make sustainable improvements to get it right when it counts.

There is no quick fix ‘silver bullet’ to going faster. It takes commitment. The trainSharp recipe uses tried and trusted methods from years of experience, along with the latest sports science. At trainSharp we keep you ahead of the curve, instead of wasting your time and money training with the wrong coach.

Why not join us and make every pedal turn count. Don’t train harder, train smarter, trainSharp. We will make you go faster.

trainSharp Coaching


Working with a trainSharp cycling coach

At trainSharp we understand that the relationship between a rider and their coach is a partnership built on professionalism and trust. Your coach is your buddy and mentor, someone with conviction that you can trust and believe in. They will push and support you, coax and inspire you as you aspire to reach your goals, with workouts and recovery targeted to ensure you get the best out of your performance when it counts.

We design your training based on your lifestyle and your personal goals which are unique to you. We know how to plan, direct and manage your training, so you don’t have to worry about it.

We have coached riders to win events all the way from world championships, national championships to local club road races and time trials. We have also coached some of the biggest teams in the UK, such as NFTO and Pedal Heaven and have a number of club teams who ask us to coach their star riders.

We focus on the individual


We believe the key to providing a first-class cycle coaching experience lies with identifying a rider’s motivations and goals and delivering customised coaching solutions to meet these.

Whether you want to train for a specific race or event, improve your time trialling, climbing or sprinting, or just want to get fitter or lose weight we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

At trainSharp we recognise that every single athlete is unique, and that a one size fits all approach to coaching is never in a rider’s best interests. We believe that designing comprehensive individual training plans based on a rider’s motivation, goals, and lifestyle factors, enables the creation of the right coaching strategy for each and every rider.

Your coach is your main point of contact, supported by our delivery platform and other infrastructure, including our onsite testing lab with SRM equipment at our HQ near Lewes in East Sussex. Because we have an HQ, it means our coaches can work closely together in terms of sharing best practice and keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to new developments in coaching.


What Our Clients Say

James Lowsley-Williams – (Hank) GCN

trainSharp are the SKY of coaching, their experience and knowledge is ahead of the curve!

Ian Bibby

I have been coached before, but trainSharp exceed my expectations and really maximised my potential.

Tim Torrie – Vitus Pro Cycling

Absolutely first class coaching. I’ve been coached by trainSharp for 5 years and I wouldn’t look anywhere else!

Don't Train Hard, Train Smart
Don't Train Hard, Train Smart

No matter who you are, what level, beginner or elite, your goals become our goals. If you are serious about your performance and making improvements then we will help you all the way, call us today to start the journey.

We guarantee you will go faster!