trainSharp Optimal Position Fits

We believe a Bike Fit is only as good as the technician doing it!

Your position on the bike is worth more than any piece of equipment yet this is the area most riders neglect.

A trainSharp bike fit will ensure you get the most out of yourself in terms of power whilst ensuring your position remains comfortable and you remain injury free.

We Offer 4 Types of Bike Fit

BioRacer TT and Tri Fit

The Bioracer Aero webcam allows us to create your own virtual wind tunnel. So, without the need to hire an expensive wind tunnel, we can improve and optimise your current bike position and equipment to make you go faster by drastically reducing your Aerodynamic Drag. 

Road Bike Position Fit

A trainSharp road bike fitting session optimises your bike fit position to ensure maximal comfort, efficiency and power production.

Road Bike BioRacer Virtual Wind Tunnel Aero Optimisation

With the UK road racing scene becoming faster and faster it has never been more crucial to optimise your road bike position and setup to save watts and keep you competitive.

Notio Track Aero Testing

For those wanting the ultimate in aerodynamic gains a Notio Track session offers maximal gains by measuring your Coeffiecient of drag real time as you ride the track. This testing is perfect for A/B testing of components, positions and aero gear

Sidas Custom Insole Molding

Custom insoles to support your feet and stabilise the kinetic chain – more power, more comfort, fewer injuries.