BioRacer Road Aero Session

Save Watts and Gain Free Speed

When it comes to achieving the best performance through position and fit on your bike, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and every single rider is different.

A trainSharp BioRacer Road Position optimsation is all about improving performance and reducing aerodynamic drag.

Using the BioRacer Virtual wind tunnel we can see real time changes in your calculated CDA and therefore evaluate watts saved in real time.

Road Racing has never been so fast and so dominated by aerodynamic efficiency

When you reach 30km/h aero drag is already the dominant force accounting for over 80% of your total resistance. 

By paying attention to aerodynamics a huge amount of ‘free speed’ can be gained allowing higher speeds to be achieved for the same effort. 

Whether you’re racing road races, criteriums or just want to ride with fast group rides in your area – a BioRacer Aero Fitting Session will give you a serious performance hit 

We will take full before and after bike measurements and include these in a report which you will receive after the fit. This will enable you to replicate your optimal bike fit position on any other current or future bike.

Once you’re dialled in you will be able to train in your ‘breakaway’ aero road postion – but if you do have any areas of concern after your fit we offer a free follow up tweak session

A trainSharp BioRacer Road Aero Session costs £240. Click the button below to pay for a fitting session – once payment is accepted you will be contacted to book in your aero fitting session

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