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Contact us for information and applicationsWinning the Coalville Wheelers road race, winning the sprint from the break of three.
Winning the Coalville Wheelers road race, winning the sprint from the break of three.

Development Team


The Ultimate Platform Into Professional Cycling


The Vision

The trainSharp development team offers the Junior and U23 rider access to the best race calendar possible with the aim of facilitating maximal rider progression and launching the young rider into the world of professional cycling.


The ultimate all round package

The development team isn’t just a race team it gives riders the holistic all encompassing package that includes everything that a rider would need to turn pro – its a proven coaching track record as we’ve done this multiple times with riders such as Eddie Dunbar, Ben Turner and James Shaw. 

Being a member of the team gives the rider access to a comprehensive calendar of races with a support team at each race, world class coaching and the wealth of relationships and connections that Jon Sharples and the trainSharp team have amassed over multiple decades of coaching.


Networking, CV Support and unparalleled experience in the professional scene

Not only does the trainSharp team open doors for you and your cycling career, we also put together your cycling CV in the most appropriate manner to attract the best teams. Having worked with NFTO, Pedalheaven and HMT Academy trainSharp understand what is required to reach the next step into the world of professional cycling

Applying to the team

To be applicable for the development team you can be male or female Junior or U23.  To be part of the team it is required that you are coached. Use the contact form below to enquire for the team including a brief summary of your racing history and best results. 

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