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Do you understand your profile and your strengths and weaknesses – are you a sprinter, a climber, an aerobic monster, or a diesel engine? Are you a low responder to training and often fatigue, or do you have a heavy constitution and can absorb a large workload? Do you have the genes to be a great bike rider?

The first step to improving your performance is understanding your physiological profile. 

Testing in our trainSharp lab allows you to accurately baseline your current level or starting point and draw a line in the sand from where all training must begin. Your training is not one-size-fits-all, it is specific to you and your goals because what is right for one rider is not right for the next. 

Testing will formally determine your fitness level, and in turn enable your correct training intensities to be established.

Whilst power and heart rate training zones can be calculated from do-it-yourself tests at home or estimated using platforms such as Garmin or Today’s Plan, at best these only give you an approximation of the intensity you should be training at in each zone. If the power you ride at is wrong, this in turn usually means your easy zones are too hard and your harder zones are too easy, or vice-versa. Either way, it is not conducive to getting the best out of yourself.

Even being out by a few percent on your power could result in you blowing up mid-race or being unable to complete training sessions. 

At trainSharp we use high-quality precision SRM German engineered power meter technology for our physiological testing. SRM is the industry standard benchmark, trusted by sport universities and Pro teams alike, and allows your maximum aerobic power and lactate threshold to be measured much more accurately and reliably than using other systems. 

Analysis of the baseline established allows us to help you to play to your strengths and train your weaknesses. With blood lactate, crucially we can work out the point where you start to shift towards burning fats and carbohydrates. This is critical for the endurance athlete and can make or break an endurance training block.

As well as an overall view of your fitness, a trainSharp physiological assessment provides one-to-one time with an exercise physiologist, bespoke training zones and optimal training paces to mitigate potential over-training and accumulated fatigue, and recommendations for any changes needed to ensure you hit your goals.

Testing is ideally designed to be carried out at various points throughout the year, including but not limited to; when you first join trainSharp, at the start of your training year, to assess and consolidate performance improvements, or if you are looking to reset training zones.

By retesting at regular intervals, we can quantify how your training is progressing, and importantly, modify your plan as needed to keep you on track with reaching your goals.

trainSharp Full Physiological Assessment

The trainSharp full physiological assessment comprises four main segments:

Incremental Sub-maximal Blood Lactate Test

Maximal Aerobic Power Test

Peak Power testing

Body Composition Analysis

All testing is completed on a fully adjustable SRM equipped test bike. Blood lactate, heart rate and expired gases are measured throughout to assess your endurance capabilities; namely, lactate thresholds, maximal aerobic power and VO2max. These data are used to provide you with highly accurate training zones and specific training paces.

Your assessment will be run by an exercise physiologist and includes:

  • Anthropometric measurements (Height and Mass)
  • Sub-maximal blood lactate test (Lactate threshold 1 and 2)
  • Maximal Aerobic Power test (MAP and VO2Max)
  • Peak Power test (Peak and 10s power)
  • Body Composition (Body fat percentage)
  • Other tests are also available upon specific request

Your physiological assessment also includes a fully comprehensive report, detailing the key performance data as above and more, including:

  • Power-to-weight ratios
  • Bespoke training zones
  • Analysis on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Expert guidance on how to move forwards

The cost of the initial fitness test and physiological assessment is £250

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