Notio Aero Track Session

Real Time CDA Analysis

The ultimate positional optimisation

Aero testing on the track gives the most accurate aero testing performance allowing for maximal gains to be achieved

A trainSharp Notio Aero track session is the ultimate position and equipment analysis. Using the Notio Aerometer we have a live readout of the riders Coefficient of drag. This means that any position change or equipment change can be quantified. 

Remove the guesswork and test position/equipment changes back to back to gain the greatest speed for minimal financial expenditure

Not only does the Notio allow for great A/B testing of equipment and positions but it also allows for testing at a range of speeds and in different weather conditions. Simply put the Notio offers the best ‘real-world’ assessment of your aero performance.

Testing on the track removes variables whist still giving real world results

You will complete up to 25 different runs on the outdoor velodrome to understand and assess your CdA with changes to your position and bike being made between runs

Complete up to 25 runs in an aero test giving the most precise and accurate position changes possible

A trainSharp Notio Aero Track session costs £499. To book now place an order below and we’ll callback to arrange your track session. Alternatively email to book in for track testing