Road Bike Position Fit


A trainSharp Bike Fit is all about improving performance, enhancing comfort and reducing injury potential.

The trainSharp road bike fitting process begins with a consultation to find out what you require from your bike fit and an off and on bike assessment to assess your physiology and determine how you are best suited to a particular road bike fit (i.e. whether you want and your body can support a position mainly focus on performance power, aerodynamics, injury prevention and support, comfort and/or a combination of different fits).

We will take full before and after bike measurements and include these in a post test report which you will receive after the fit. This will enable you to put your bike or future bikes in the optimal setup.

The philosophy behind our bike fit is largely related to only using trainSharp experienced fitters to complete your fit. In the world of bike fitting, there are many gimmicks and tools which ‘aid’ the fitting process, however, these are only ever as good as the fitter themselves.

We at trainSharp know that bike fitting is a process and as such, we offer a free re-tweak with all our fits.

The only question you will have is, why didn’t I do it sooner!