Sidas Custom Insoles

More Comfort, More Power, More Speed

Optimum support to maximise cycling comfort and performance

Custom insoles stabilise the feet allowing for maximum power transfer and comfort

Custom insoles provide your feet with the support they need providing a stable platform for optimal power transfer. Custom insoles allows for optimal knee alignment and a more stable kinetic chain reducing injury risk and increasing power transferred to the pedals

Sidas insoles can reduce hot toes, or painful arches by perfectly distributing the pressure across your feet

If you have ever had hot feet, painful toes, foot fatigue or even knee, back and saddle issues can all stem from poor stability of the foot. In short bike fitting starts with the stability of the foot making inoles incredibly important for cycling comfort and efficiency

Unlike other orthotics Sidas Insoles are fully custom to your body offering the greatest level of support possible

Sidas insoles, unlike other orthotics, are fully custom to your feet and body. This allows the fitter to mold the footbeds into the perfect shape for your feet and allows for the knees, ankles and the whole chain to be placed in a neutral position for maximal effienciency and comfort. This reduces injury as your body is pefectly aligned.

Insoles offer one of the best bang for buck improvements for your cycling performance and comfort – everyone should be riding custom insoles

A trainSharp sidas custom insole fitting is £110. Click the button below to pay for a fitting session – once payment is accepted you will be contacted to book in your fitting session