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Catering for Male and Female, Novice to Elite

At trainSharp, we work with you as an individual. Our team consists of highly qualified coaches and sports scientists. While most of them also race, or have raced, at a high level which adds an extra level of insight, it’s their depth of knowledge that will drive you forwards. We don’t try to be the cheapest coaching service, but we’re passionate about being the best value for money. No one will support you better.

Why you need a trainSharp coach

What a coach can do for you

It’s about guiding you to your goals with a personalised programme that ensures your effort achieves results. Every rider is different – physiology, goals, lifestyle – so every training programme also has to be different. We will provide you with a training plan tailored to your life and your goals, and then we support you every step of the way.

Think of trainSharp as your sat-nav on your journey to reaching your goals. Your current fitness is your start point, your goal is your destination, and your coach provides the precise route between the two. Every rider starts from a different place and has their own goal, so every route is unique.

A generic training plan from a magazine or app doesn’t know your start point and only offers a vague destination. A good amateur racer who coaches on the side certainly knows how he got from his start point to his destination, but can’t do the same for you.
A coach is your personal guide, one who knows the best route for your journey, will stick with you all the way, tell you when to rest, and encourage you when you have to push on.

Our approach

We’re in this with you. You’re committed to your sport and we’re committed to guiding you to being the best you can be. We have a deep appreciation of the effort you put into your training and of the financial investment you’re making in us, so we’re passionate about supporting you. There’s no copy-and-paste with us; every rider’s programme is created bespoke for you as an individual.

What makes trainSharp the best value for money

In short: expertise, experience, excellence. Our team is the best in the business, with unrivalled experience and expertise, extending to the highest levels of the sport. We have coached riders up to and through the WorldTour and our staff of sports scientists not only use the best analytics platform, Today’s Plan, they helped to develop it. We know there are cheaper options but none that give you more for your money.

Guiding you

To Your Goals

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Road Race

For the novice and elite athlete

Women's Coaching

Tailored coaching for women

Junior Coaching

Coaching for the young rider

Inspire Talent

Programme for aspiring pros

Youth Coaching

Bespoke coaching for under 16’s

Youth Academy

The gateway to Inspire Talent

Time Trial

The package dedicated to speed


Access us wherever you are


The dedicated Triathlon package


Coaching from sprint to omnium


For the novice to elite cross rider

Mountain Bike

For the novice to elite MTB rider


Coaching for All Sportive events

Ultra Distance

For events such as the RAAM


Sessions designed for Zwift

General Fitness

For the non racer

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